Madeleine was only 8 months old when Russ and I looked into the Clearblue and saw another little one in our future! The tangibility of this new life was difficult for me to connect with initially- maybe because Madeleine had been waking up 5+ times a night since she was 3.5 months old and I was exhausted. Or maybe, because I simply did not feel pregnant. But blue lines don’t lie and the excitement of growing our family felt like bliss- being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

In January, one week before my 36th birthday, we found out that our little one is being ‘knit together’ with an extra 21st chromosome, also known as Down Syndrome. We have experienced all the ‘feels’ as we’ve received this diagnosis and adjusted our expectations to this reality. There are many unknowns ahead, but we are certain of this- that God who began a beautiful, good and perfect work in us… faithful to complete it in HIS way, for our best.

I’m writing this blog to share this unfolding experience with family and friends who want to know more than the headlines. There will be a few posts to get ‘caught up’ to a more real-time blog roll. Once we are ‘rolling’ I hope this blog will become a place of faith and community.

I’m also hoping to share our story so that others who find themselves embarking on a similar path, as unexpected as it comes, will not feel alone. In only one month, I’ve been embraced by a global community- a tribe if you will- of families who have been rerouted to this same path. It is their transparent blogs, real-time Facebook posts and informative podcasts that breath hope and comfort to me. If my story can do the same, I would be delighted.


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